Why does your business need Cisco Web Security?

Every business needs to control, monitor, and block threats to keep their data secure. Cisco Web Security offers multiple ways to automatically detect and block web-based threats based on signature, reputation, and content analysis.


How can CyberFort help block web-based threats?

We protect your confidential data by automatically blocking threats. We use Cisco’s Web Security Appliance (WSA), which is the first secure web gateway to combine advanced malware protection, application visibility and control, acceptable use policy controls, insightful reporting, and secure mobility on a single platform. WSA is cloud-based, which offers you superior flexibility because you can utilize any existing infrastructure.

WSA enables organizations to block certain activities, such as chatting or uploading documents, for all users without hindering end-user productivity. You can create exceptions for certain users, as well as set time and bandwidth limits. This helps you protect confidential data from leaving your network, keeping your data secure from potential threats.

Cisco’s web security solutions can be deployed in a variety of ways, including hardware, virtual machine, or in the cloud. All solutions integrate easily into your Cisco data center, network, or brand office.

We want to help you keep your internal network secure.

Protect Your Business with Comprehensive Solutions

Cisco Umbrella

We provide your team with a fast and secure internet experience wherever they are.

Cisco Web Security

Our web security experts automatically detect and block web-based threats.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

We proactively prevent sophisticated malware threats and remediate threats if they occur.

Cisco Cloudlock

Our experts help you use the cloud effectively while automatically securing sensitive information.

Cisco Email Security

We protect you from email-based threats and safeguard your sensitive data.

Cisco Data Loss Prevention

We partner with Cisco to provide you with Data Loss Prevention solutions protect all of your business's data.

About CyberFort

Our team of experienced professionals provide in-depth cyber and information security consulting. We are cyber, information technology and regulatory compliance experts in NIST, HIPAA / HITECH, DoD RMF, DIACAP, PCI-DSS, GDPR.


Industries Served

Our team of industry recognized subject matter experts work to offer the right security solutions for your specific needs, preventing threats and vulnerabilities from compromisingyour business.


Ready to secure your business against cybercrime?

Establish a complete cybersecurity program for your business with smart strategies, solutions and support by CyberFort.

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