Security Awareness

Why does your business need a Security Awareness program?

One of the weakest links in your cybersecurity program is the end-user. Organizations, their employees, and other end-users typically rely on technical security solutions to detect, contain, minimize, and remove cybersecurity risks, but even the greatest technology solutions can’t remove human error from daily work. This creates weaknesses within your cybersecurity program, which may lead to vulnerabilities and incidents.

A weakened program can only grow stronger with a two-pronged approach: solid technical support and increased security awareness. Developing a cybersecurity program that includes both is the only way to have a solid foundation for your organization’s security. By offering a security awareness program to your employees and other end-users, you can ensure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity efforts overall.


What does a Security Awareness program involve?

This program focuses on educating your employees and other end-users about security policies, procedures, and best practices. It trains end-users how to properly identify, resist, and report cyber threats of all kinds.

What are the benefits of a Security Awareness program?


  • Increase ROI on technology investments
  • Lower security risks for your organization
  • Maintain or increase employee satisfaction
  • Fulfill security awareness compliance requirements
  • Lower administrative, help desk, and security support costs

How can CyberFort help manage your Security Awareness program?

Our certified experts can help you develop an effective training program or awareness campaign for your organization. We take you through the process of developing, refining, and implementing the training program or awareness campaign based on cybersecurity best practices, your specific industry needs, and your organization’s unique needs.

Throughout this process, we assess your current cybersecurity posture, identify areas deemed high-risk and could use improvement, and provide you with practical recommendations for improvements.


Email Security & Encryption

Our experts secure and encrypt your organization’s email communications.

Web Browsing & Content Security

We protect your network by blocking dangerous websites and content.

Web Application Firewall

Our experts monitor and prevent cyber attacks in web applications.

IoT Security

We monitor and secure your IoT ecosystem from cyber attacks.

Security Awareness

Our team helps you develop an effective training program or awareness campaign.

About CyberFort

Our team of experienced professionals provide in-depth cyber and information security consulting. We are cyber, information technology and regulatory compliance experts in NIST, HIPAA / HITECH, DoD RMF, DIACAP, PCI-DSS, GDPR.


Industries Served

Our team of industry recognized subject matter experts work to offer the right security solutions for your specific needs, preventing threats and vulnerabilities from compromisingyour business.


Ready to secure your business against cybercrime?

Establish a complete cybersecurity program for your business with smart strategies, solutions and support by CyberFort.

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