Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Why does your business need IoT Security?

If your business is considering embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) or if you have already, then you also need a plan in place to defend that ecosystem. With the increased capabilities and interconnectivity IoT offers, it also adds more vulnerabilities to your devices and technology ecosystem.

IoT vulnerabilities that hackers can target include:

  • Lack of data protection
  • Absence of context-aware security
  • Weak authentication through embedded passwords
  • No security layer in Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Insecure network protocols that transmit sensitive data

If left unprotected, devices connected to the IoT can be hacked. Hackers may compromise all connected smart devices, spy on employees, steal sensitive data, and disable everything connected.


What does IoT Security involve?

IoT Security includes network and endpoint protection, which covers your business with 24/7 world-class threat tracking and analysis. IoT Security also includes cyber threat intelligence for inbound and outbound protection, which we use to mitigate cyber-attacks. It is a memory-efficient and cloud-enabled form of security.

What are the benefits of IoT Security?


  • Remove security gaps
  • Connect devices securely
  • Gain visibility into threats
  • Streamline device management
  • Improve and simplify overall security
  • Gain visibility into device functionality
  • Integrate IoT data with other enterprise data

How can CyberFort help manage your IoT Security?

Our experts integrate the security solution with your IoT ecosystem. From there, we monitor your infrastructure and surveillance systems, embedded devices, and more to secure them from attacks. In the case of an attack, we mitigate the situation to keep your data safe and your ecosystem running smoothly.


Email Security & Encryption

Our experts secure and encrypt your organization’s email communications.

Web Browsing & Content Security

We protect your network by blocking dangerous websites and content.

Web Application Firewall

Our experts monitor and prevent cyber attacks in web applications.

IoT Security

We monitor and secure your IoT ecosystem from cyber attacks.

Security Awareness

Our team helps you develop an effective training program or awareness campaign.

About CyberFort

Our team of experienced professionals provide in-depth cyber and information security consulting. We are cyber, information technology and regulatory compliance experts in NIST, HIPAA / HITECH, DoD RMF, DIACAP, PCI-DSS, GDPR.


Industries Served

Our team of industry recognized subject matter experts work to offer the right security solutions for your specific needs, preventing threats and vulnerabilities from compromisingyour business.


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Establish a complete cybersecurity program for your business with smart strategies, solutions and support by CyberFort.

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