User Activity Monitoring

Why does your business need User Activity Monitoring?

Unfortunately, not all cyber threats come from outside of your organization. Malicious attacks can come from employees, former employees, contractors, or business associates. In fact, 90% of security incidents are caused by insiders. This requires thorough security management, especially for privileged and high-risk users.

Common forms of malicious attacks from insiders include fraud; theft of intellectual property, commercially valuable information, or confidential data; or system downtime.


What does User Activity Monitoring involve?

User Activity Monitoring involves capturing video playback of policy violations, providing organizations with real-time visibility across their environment without translating log data or investigating multiple systems. All activities are prioritized based on the level of risk, streamlining the investigation and reporting processes. High-risk activities are alerted to the appropriate personnel to mitigate the potential issue.

User Activity Monitoring also helps educate end-users by notifying them of compliant alternatives to unintentional risky behavior in real-time pop-ups. This reduces human errors that lead to data misuse and cyber threats, and helps root out the real issues.

What are the benefits of User Activity Monitoring?


  • Offers instant incident detection
  • Increases employee security awareness
  • Adheres to government privacy regulations
  • Identifies individual users who share accounts
  • Streamlines investigation and reporting processes
  • Offers irrefutable video evidence of security violations
  • Helps employees remain compliant with organizational policies

How can CyberFort help manage User Activity Monitoring?

Based on your existing infrastructure, network architecture, applications, and systems setup, we determine the best User Activity Monitoring Solution for your organization. Then we deploy and maintain the solution, providing you with support along the way.

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Your Guide To A Successful Cybersecurity Overhaul by CyberFort Advisors

Your Guide To A Successful Cybersecurity Overhaul

Many companies implement new cybersecurity policies and procedures, but they ignore one critical fact: When it comes to your cybersecurity posture, your end-users are your weakest link.

Without getting employees and other end-users on board, your company data is at risk.

With your end-users on board, how do you deploy new cybersecurity policies? There are many pitfalls companies commonly fall for during this process. With the right preparation and guide, you can overhaul and deploy a successful cybersecurity initiative.

This short but comprehensive guide will show you how to:

  • Overhaul your cybersecurity program
  • Get your employees and other end-users on board
  • Avoid common pitfalls that cause cybersecurity initiatives to fail

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