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Government agencies and public sector organizations are consistently in the top 5 industries at risk of cyber attacks and this is not expected to change any time soon. As of 2017, government agencies rank as the third lowest performing industry when compared to the cybersecurity of 17 other major industries.

Many large government organizations have not developed sufficient cybersecurity capabilities because outdated devices are used alongside new, emerging technology. To effectively fight the rise of cyber crime, federal agencies need to revisit their cybersecurity strategies and address critical gaps before vulnerabilities are exposed.

Government agencies and public sector organizations are not immune to data breaches. The increasing severity of cyber attacks and emergence of new tech require critical cybersecurity improvements.


of U.S. adults believed that a cyber attack on public infrastructure would probably happen in the next five years. (Statista)


of government agency respondents are confident that its cybersecurity strategy will demonstrate valuable results. (Accenture)


of organizations in the public sector do not have a dedicated information security function. (CISCO)

Let's discuss the right security solutions for protecting your government organization.

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CyberFort Consulting Services

We help businesses prevent, protect and progress from complex security incidents. 

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Our comprehensive cybersecurity consulting services are mapped to your compliance, business, and risk managmement goals.


DFARS Compliance

Winning DoD-related business is impossible without meeting cybersecurity requirements. Streamline DFARS compliance with CyberFort Advisors.


Bespoke Frameworks

Operationalize your chosen combination of frameworks for automated, intelligent compliance and risk management.


nist cybersecurity framework

Complete the adoption of NIST Cybersecurity Framework and develop the blueprint for a strong, resilient business against cybercrime.


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Establish a complete cybersecurity program for your business with smart strategies, solutions and support by CyberFort.

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