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Improved cybersecurity within cost limits

Educational institutions constantly have to divert their time and other resources to cyber issues such as viruses, data breaches, website defacement, malware, and more. When most have to run on a limited budget, solving these cybersecurity issues can seem impossible. 

CyberFort’s consulting solutions are ideal for educational institutions facing these IT challenges. Our expert team can help you in managing cyber risk and harnessing the power of security and networking technologies with available resources.

Cyber criminals target educational institutions for the high amount of sensitive information behind insufficient defenses.

USD is the cost of each compromised record in the education sector. (Ponemon)

days - the average time it takes educational institutions to identify and contain data breaches. (Ponemon)

cyber attacks targeted the educational sector in 2017, with 73 of them resulting in stolen data. (Verizon)

Let's discuss the right security solutions for protecting your educational institution.

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CyberFort Consulting Services

We help businesses prevent, protect and progress from complex security incidents. 

cybersecurity services

Our comprehensive cybersecurity consulting services are mapped to your compliance, business, and risk managmement goals.


DFARS Compliance

Winning DoD-related business is impossible without meeting cybersecurity requirements. Streamline DFARS compliance with CyberFort Advisors.


Bespoke Frameworks

Operationalize your chosen combination of frameworks for automated, intelligent compliance and risk management.


nist cybersecurity framework

Complete the adoption of NIST Cybersecurity Framework and develop the blueprint for a strong, resilient business against cybercrime.


Ready to secure your business against cybercrime?

Establish a complete cybersecurity program for your business with smart strategies, solutions and support by CyberFort.

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