Meet the Technology & Regulatory Compliance Experts.

At CyberFort Advisors, our sole focus is cyber security.

Many organizations have matured to the point that they are demanding that security be considered beyond basic technologies and services. CyberFort Advisors takes a programmatic approach to solving these clients’ security needs.

We take into account the diverse range of security concerns, such as business strategy and planning, monitoring and operations, and defenses and controls. We generate analysis and reports for the executive suite and the frontline engineers.

Our advanced research and extensive hands-on experience has enabled us to create comprehensive solutions that target the most pressing information security issues facing you today.



Felix Odigie

Felix Odigie

Founder, General Partner

Felix co-founded CyberFort Security Advisors, to bring cybersecurity & compliance frameworks for IT and OT into their respective (effective, yet adaptive) industry-focused posture.  Whether traditional or greenfield – every cybersecurity framework needs to resolve the underlying critical system or infrastructure security exposure and evolve meaningfully within the sector/industry in question.

He served as CEO at Inspired eLearning, a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in CyberSecurity Awareness CBT and solutions, through a significant growth phase, after leading its successful acquisition.  He ran an acquisition fund for over 5 years, heading investment decisions in tech, IT security and SaaS, while also launching a few startups.

A Graduate of The Wharton School MBA program; Other career includes senior roles at Janney Montgomery Scott, UBS, RBS America, Goldman Sachs, and TUFTS.

Benjamin Saine

Benjamin Saine

Managing Partner and COO

Ben is Managing Partner and the Chief Operating Officer at Cyberfort Advisors and has over 20 years of technology security experience. He is an effective leader and manager with a proven track record of building technology teams to solve problems and drive business outcomes on a global basis. A business-centric technology leader who establishes credibility by building strong business relationships, identifying high-value work, and delivering on commitments.

Rey Ford

Rey Ford

Principal, CyberSecurity Solutions Architect

Rey is a Systems Architect with over 13 years of experience managing and leading large-scale I.T. projects and creating refined network systems, efficiency, and improve quality, while significantly reducing cost. His expertise lies in delivering simultaneous, large-scale, mission-critical projects within the constraints of scope, quality, time, and cost. He possesses the leadership and analytical skills to help companies address their most critical issues.

Rey Ford is a multi-dimensional project leader able to articulately communicate both in English and Spanish to establish long-term quality relationships with customers of diverse cultures and organizational backgrounds.

Katherine DeLaPena

Katherine DeLaPena

Sales Development Representative

Katherine is a Sales Development Representative with over 15 years of Experience.  Primarily focusing on outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification.  Her approach is to consistently put prospects and customers first helping them address their concerns and create solutions that fit their needs.  And, without exception shaping and nurturing long lasting relationships.