IoT Risk Assessment Trends

Published on December 1, 2021  |  Cyberfort Advisors

According to IoT World Today, “72% of organizations experienced an increase in IoT device security incidents in 2020.” And by 2022, over 67% of the world’s 25 billion devices at the edge will be IoT devices. Because more and more companies are moving important data online and to devices at the edge, we wanted to go through some IoT risk assessment trends with you.

What’s IoT?

The Internet of Things is the term used to describe the interconnectivity of everything from computers to all types of smart devices (phones, cameras, doorbells, home thermostats, etc). It has transformed the way we work, play, capture data, and use data. The IoT is expanding every day, and there are even niche IoTs based on different industries, like the Internet of Medical Things for the healthcare field, for example.

Rise in Data

When it comes to IoT risk assessment, one of the biggest trends associated with it will be the huge rise in data creation. And since much of that data is being housed at the edge and not in data centers, securing your data will continue to be a top priority for your personal and business files, programs, and more.

The emergence of 5G and remote work will also increase the amount of data that will live at the edge of your networks and systems.

Out-of-the-Box Lines of Attack Are Emerging

When you think of a cybersecurity breach, your mind likely goes to the last movie or TV show you watched where that happened: you see huge data or network rooms, wires, and hard drives. Or maybe you see a computer in a cubicle with a black and green screen, something reminiscent of The Matrix.

But when it comes to IoT risk assessment, you have to think about your devices in a new way. For example, many vehicles are now equipped with smart technology, which means a cybercriminal can now hack your car, your home entertainment or security systems, and any company vehicles, property, or other devices.

Integration is the Future of IoT Risk Assessment

As the IoT expands to include new devices and equipment, the need for an integrated risk management strategy is growing. Creating a centralized strategy to protect your devices, data centers, and company assets is a trend you definitely want to get in on.

There are many challenges to this integration that you’ll need to be aware of. Since so many IoT devices sit at the edge, that means there are third-party risks to compete with. As you surge forward with new ways to access and utilize your devices and the data within them, you must also keep a handle on the education and creation of safeguards and how to use them. This could mean educating both your IT departments and your individual employees on how to best work together to create a more integrated and safety-focused workflow.

Don’t Leave Your IoT Risk Assessment for Tomorrow – Get Started Today

Your data is only as secure as your weakest point. With remote work, increasing Internet of Things, and ever-evolving mobile devices, you need solutions that help you and your staff remain safe from the ebb and flow of cybersecurity risks.

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